Instagram is one of the Social media platforms that has become an integral part of our daily activities. Our way of life can be shown to the world as Instagram stories in a photo or video format. There are plenty of moments when you want to keep a copy of any these Instagram stories simply because they become instantly inaccessible after 1 day. The memory will be gone forever if this is not saved on the program or your local personal computer. Sadly, features of keeping stories on Instagram is not accessible. To avoid losing the post you created in your memorable Instagram story, few techniques on how to download Instagram stories are shared here.

Download Instagram Stories for the entire Day
In this guide, you will know how to save Instagram story video in one file. All of your stories in a day are downloaded in one video file. You'll then have this video at your disposal when you want it, although this does imply that all of your stories are clustered together in one file. A little of your time may be required in viewing for the part you only need because of the merged clips. But that should be outweighed by the idea that you have a copy than not getting one.

To begin downloading a one day story on Instagram, search for the "Your Story" icon. This is a button located at the upper left corner of your feed. On that open story page, you'll then locate 3 little dots, tap it and you will then see a "More" option. Choose the "Save" option and click "Save Story". Downloading a video may need you a bit more patience since it requires a longer time to be saved. After that, you're done, now you will find that downloaded video in your Camera Roll.

Download Instagram Stories Clip by Clip Save
This trick is the exact opposite of the above approach. In this technique, now you can save clips of individual Instagram stories. For example, this could mean saving only a single selfie or simply your preferred moment rather than downloading every post that you created for the whole day. These 2 strategies have almost similarities on how to do it. The only difference lies in what option to pick when downloading the story. Instead of choosing "Save Story", select the "Save Video" option. Afterwards, you'll find the copy of your downloaded story saved in your Gallery or Camera Roll.

Download Stories from Other Instagram Users
It's rather easy to download stories from other accounts as long as you rely on a third-party site. Most of these even have similarities on how the way they work. So, ultimately it depends on finding the website you like the most. Explanation of why you desired to download Instagram stories from different users is none of our concerns any longer.

Here's how you can download using a third party website
First, take note of either the username or the profile link (according to the needed information by the website) of the user whose uploaded the Instagram Stories that you desire to save. Open in your browser the url of the third party site you have chosen. Select which particular Instagram Story through scrolling down on the clips. On the selected clip, hit the "Save link as" option and choose the file destination on your computer to save it.
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